Self Care Saturdays | Living with Fibromyalgia

This post has been swirling in my head for quite awhile now and I’m glad to finally get it down in writing for all of you to read and share.

Often times I wonder if it is just me that simply crashes and is down for the count every Saturday after pushing through the week.

Since my initial diagnosis with fibro in late 2010 the weekend’s have been hard for me. Throughout my journey living with fibromyalgia finding the perfect work, life, rest balance has been the biggest challenge. The erratic and nonsensical nature of this illness makes working traditional 9-5 jobs just as challenging as working outside of the box.

No matter what we choose to do whether it is from a desk or from home; consistency and routine are required and fibro just punches holes through both of those concepts. Even after living with the illness for over six years and learning how to better manage, control, and maintain a strong emotional and mental wellness, the weekends, particularly Saturday’s are just hard to cope with.

And what sucks is that for most of us, Saturdays are filled with events and routines that require the same vigor and push that we use to get through the week. Still, more often than not, I find myself waning and spending most of the day if not all day resting and recuperating. It’s as if my body automatically cuts off and literally has no push left. Recharging from the week past and gearing up for the week ahead is literally what I’ve found myself doing most Saturdays over the years. This has made it a challenge to exist in a world of picnics, social outings, functions and work that happens on Saturday.

I know it can’t just be me.

Or is it?

Sound off in the comment section.

Do you routinely find yourself using Saturday as a rest day if you live with fibro or another chronic illness? If so why do you think your body can’t push any more on the weekend? How have you been able to cope? Do you feel guilty?

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