what I ate yesterday: blueberry smoothie/ tomato black bean salad

I’ve been in a pretty overbearing flare since Sunday; it’s  really just a continuation of last week’s nausea with more fatigue and throbbing pain added to the mix. When my IBS flares up,  everything else (including my desire to eat) takes a real nosedive. The nausea makes even the thought of food gag worthy and when I do eat, it can’t be anything too acidic or spicy. My trusty Nutribullet (bought by my lovely mother) came to the rescue once again. It is a perpetual mainstay on my kitchen counter and purees everything to a drinkable liquid. It is just what I need when I am stumbling, weak, dizzy, and too out of it to make a  real meal. Yesterday, I blended up some gorgeous blueberries that I caught on sale. They are normally too expensive to buy regularly. I had planned to dry them out for a new Blueberries and Creme Cookie that I want to try, but that isn’t happening this week. A  banana, half of a gala, almond milk and oats and my Blueberry Smoothie was complete.

Dinner came late and consisted of a simple Tomato Black Bean Salad that I made up on the fly. I love the color contrast of the bright red  tomato against the black beans, with the orange of carrots and a dash of sea salt, black pepper, and a little parm it was a visually appealing as well. It really is true that we eat with our eyes. I should have nixed the white onion as they did a number on my stomach probably due to my nausea.

I had the same smoothie today and so far that’s all I’ve eaten. I do have sauce in the slow cooker, but that will need to wait until my stomach settles down; which may not be until next week. Oh well, the great thing about sauce is that it gets better with time. Ok. fatigue is setting in, time for a nap.

Happy cooking,

the gluten free chef

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