what I ate yesterday: blueberry smoothie/ tomato black bean salad

I’ve been in a pretty overbearing flare since Sunday; it’s  really just a continuation of last week’s nausea with more fatigue and throbbing pain added to the mix. When my IBS flares up,  everything else (including my desire to eat) takes a real nosedive. The nausea makes even the thought of food gag worthy and when I do eat, it can’t be anything too acidic or spicy. My trusty Nutribullet (bought by my lovely mother) came to the rescue once again. It is a perpetual mainstay on my kitchen counter and purees everything to a drinkable liquid. It is just what I need when I am stumbling, weak, dizzy, and too out of it to make a  real meal. Yesterday, I blended up some gorgeous blueberries that I caught on sale. They are normally too expensive to buy regularly. I had planned to dry them out for a new Blueberries and Creme Cookie that I want to try, but that isn’t happening this week. A  banana, half of a gala, almond milk and oats and my Blueberry Smoothie was complete.

Dinner came late and consisted of a simple Tomato Black Bean Salad that I made up on the fly. I love the color contrast of the bright red  tomato against the black beans, with the orange of carrots and a dash of sea salt, black pepper, and a little parm it was a visually appealing as well. It really is true that we eat with our eyes. I should have nixed the white onion as they did a number on my stomach probably due to my nausea.

I had the same smoothie today and so far that’s all I’ve eaten. I do have sauce in the slow cooker, but that will need to wait until my stomach settles down; which may not be until next week. Oh well, the great thing about sauce is that it gets better with time. Ok. fatigue is setting in, time for a nap.

Happy cooking,

the gluten free chef

Recipe Sunday: white bean, lentil & kale soup

white bean lentil and kale soupThis is the soup that I dreamed up last week. Someone in one of the recipe sharing Facebook groups that I am part of asked for the recipe. I made this up in real time today and wanted to share it on my blog as well. This was served with a side of my “world famous’ gluten free cornbread. The soup itself is vegan but for today I garnished with pan seared jumbo shrimp to add some protein. It might also be good with chopped bacon , but I won’t go that far.

I was quite the warrior this weekend; the bakery was busy and my body is crying. Glad I made soup because from the way I’m feeling now, I most likely won’t be cooking dinner for at least a week. I’m off.

the gluten free chef

Slow Cooker White Bean, Lentil & Kale Soup
2 cups dry great northern beans
1 cup green lentils
1 bunch kale (chopped)
1/2 medium cooking onion (chopped)
4 celery stalks (chopped)
4-5 cups vegetable broth
1 cup water
3 vegetable bouillon cubes
2 tblsp olive oil
2 tblsp or more to taste of:
onion powder, garlic powder, cracked black pepper , onion flakes, salt
4 tbsp apple cider vinegar
dash of brown sugar


Cover 2 cups of great northern beans and 1 cup of green lentils with water so  that the water cover beans about two inches Slow cook for three hours, or until beans are just tender Meanwhile, finely chop 1/2 medium white onion and about 4 celery stalks, set to the side

After about 3 hours saving about 1 cup of water from the beans and drain the rest. Spoon 1.5 cups of beans and puree with  1 cup of water
Add whole beans and bean puree back to slow cooker. Add diced celery and onion

Then cover veggies with about 4-5 cups of stock or broth (I use veggie stock) any stock will do. Add an additional 1 cup of water
Season broth and beans with  3 veggie bouillon cubes  and 2-3 tblsp of each: onion powder, onion flakes, garlic powder, celery seed
Add olive oil and cider vinegar. Cover slow cooker and cook another  2.5 hours  then add chopped kale to soup. Cover until kale is tender another 30 minutes. Add more seasoning to taste.

Recipe Thursday: rotisserie chicken, lentil, & vegetable soup

Rotisserie Chicken, Lentil & Vegetable Soup

1 Rotisserie Chicken

1 and 1/2 cup of organic green lentils (Shiloh Farms)

4 stalks of celery

4  medium carrots

1 white onion

2 green onions

1 cup vegetable broth

salt pepper to taste


  1. Rinse lentils, put into crock pot add water to cover about 1 and a half hours
  2. Meanwhile, cut chicken off of bone. Set aside in small bowl. In a large pot add chicken bones and skin, cover with 4-5 cups of water and bring to boil then simmer on medium heat.
  3. Peel, wash and chop celery, onions, carrots. Set aside (Note: celery, carrots, and onion are staples in my crisper. Peeling and chopping are fairly easy for me, however for some chronic pain sufferers this step is to much. It may be easier for you to buy your veggies pre-cut, making this recipe even quicker)
  4. Using a strainer, drain chicken stock from the bone into a large bowl. Discard boiled chicken carcass and skin. Drain water from lentils then add the lentils back into crock pot.
  5. Pour the chicken stock into crock pot, add chopped veggies, cup of vegetable broth, salt pepper and other desired seasonings to taste.
  6. Simmer in crockpot on high heat for about 3-4 hours, or until veggies are tender. The last 30 minutes of cooking add chopped chicken meat to soup


What I ate today

qdobaSo, yesterday I got so tied up in life going from one doctor appointment to the next, that I forgot to take a photo of my rice bowl from Qdoba.  As far as I am concerned I do Tex-Mex far better and my rice and beans are well seasoned and flavorful. These “fast casual” places are just not worth the hype and are so overrated (if you ask me).  However, I had been sitting on a free meal coupon I got when I was double charged while eating there with a friend a while back, so I figured since I was in the area it was as good of a time as any to use it. By the time I got home , I was literally famished as I hadn’t eaten a thing all day and well, you know the rest.

Additionally, I was so fatigued and tired along with my starvation that I forgot all about Recipe Wednesday, so this week it will have to be Recipe Thursday. I actually did quite a bit of cooking  today. Since going full vegan about a year ago, I decided that I would not cook or prepare meat for other people. Typically, I follow this rule and if you eat with me, you to will eat vegetarian. But as the saying goes, rules are meant to be broken, and for special people in my life and on very rare circumstances, I will cook with meat. With cold and flu season in full effect, many of my friends have fallen victim to this nasty viral infection and flu (yuck) bug that has been going around. What better way to cheer someone up then with a bowl of hot steaming Chicken Vegetable Soup.  My version is a step up from the Campbell’s can, but just as simple to make. I decided that this was one of those rare circumstances that cooking meat for someone else was in order.

Right now, I am all things crock pot and  since I was low on energy and seriously fatigued once I returned home, I let the slow cooker do the heavy work. The thing I love the most about crock pots are that they do all the work so you don’t have to. The recipe is very easy and pretty much made up on the fly.  I used a store bought Rotisserie chicken, organic green lentils for depth, substance and iron, carrots, celery, onion and voila. Of course, in the crock pot the soup takes a few hours to simmer and set, but that’s ok, I conserved the energy I had left to whip up a Apple Coconut Coffee Cake and Ultimate Chocolate Cake. The apple cake was a test bake and the chocolate for a client. Both turned out yum- O and pictures will be posted soon. Ok so now let me post the recipe for my Rotisserie Chicken & Vegetable Soup, cause this fibro puppy is pooped out for the night

(Photo provided by) http://www.myspace.com/510687226/photos/4074048