Gluten free review: Udi’s Margherita Pizza


So, I know this is like my fourth product review in as many days…I promise to make this a once or twice a week feature but I am just so excited. When I saw that Udi’s had introduced a frozen gluten free pizza to their roster I knew had to try it. I saw them at The Turnip Truck a local natural foods store here in East Nashville. After cutting my lawn this afternoon and a rigorous water aerobics class this evening, I already knew dinner was going to be quick and easy. I have been trying to keep eating out to a minimum while concurrently keeping my pantry and fridge as bare as possible since I am leaving Nashville in t-minus 12 days or so.

Udi’s Margherita Pizza to the rescue. Since I am meat free, this Italian veggie pizza was my first choice; not to mention it had the fewest amount of calories out of the three options coming in at a cool 300 calories per serving (1 serving =1/2 pizza). I haven’t had much success with frozen gluten free pizzas or any gluten free pizza for that matter. Since the perfect crust is the crux of any pizza, most options fall short and leave the gluten intolerant feeling underwhelmed to say the least. I carefully cut my pizza in half (only one serving for me tonight) set the oven to a hot 400 degrees and popped it in. A quick toss of a Green Leaf and Tomato Salad w/Parmesan and 15 minutes later, and I had a crispy perfectly melted pizza on my plate.

I must say that this Udi’s Pizza is A+mazing, THE BOMB, Superb. It had the perfect blend of Italian spices, a few dollops of mozzarella cheese, and nice kick to it. Honestly, it was far superior to the gluten free pizzeria style pizza I recently had at Uno’s which was lackluster to say the least. Udi’s has done it once again with a stellar gluten free product that rivals any pizzeria style gluten free pizza.

Visit Udi’s website to learn more about their other amazing products and where you can purchase in your area. Don’t call it delivery.  And in case you were wondering, I was not paid to endorse this product. With that out the way I can now take a bath and head to bed, this chef is worn out.


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