The gluten full chef?

No, it’s not what you think. I am still and will always be a gluten free chef. However, a long overdue visit with the Gastroenterologist today found that I need a few more viles of blood (as in tests) ordered to try and get to the bottom of my leaky gut (her words, not mine). Anyway, the bad news is that I have to over load on gluten (the bane of my existence) over the next ten days so the test can actually determine or not determine what we (the specialist and I) are thinking. The good news is that I had a wonderful Backlava today from a quaint little International Market that I frequent. Oh how I enjoyed it!

Back to the bad news: I know that I will be paying for this gluten overload long after the blood tests are over. It is almost foreign to me reintroducing gluten back into my diet since I have become so accustomed to avoiding it. For a minute I sat mulling over how I was gonna do it. Then (light bulb) I said to myself Duh, just go buy a pack of reg-u-lar flour. Even typing that makes me cringe just a little. But no pain no gain right? All this as the timer ticks on my countdown back to Rochester. Life’s that way I guess.

🙂 🙁

the gluten full free chef

P.S Click the Backlava link above to find an awesome recipe from the Food Network. This is a baking/recipe blog 🙂

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