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Recipes for free: Pasta & roasted sweet potatoes w/white garlic sauce

Garlic Parm Pasta  I created this Pasta & Roasted Sweet Potatoes w/White Garlic Sauce to use up the veggies I had on hand. It turned out to be one of those awesome throw together meals that I plan to make again.

Pasta & Roasted Sweet Potatoes w/White Garlic Sauce


2 cups Tinkyada brown rice pasta shells

1/2 head of cauliflower, broken apart and washed

2 medium sweet potatoes, washed, peeled, and chopped

1 cup frozen peas

1 package mushrooms

1/4 cup minced garlic

1/2 white onion, chopped

2 cups rice milk

1/4 cup cornstarch + 1/2 water, used as a thickener

3 tablespoons olive oil

To taste: salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder


  1. Pre-heat oven to 425 degree F. Spread cauliflower and sweet potatoes on a large baking sheet and roast for 15-20 minutes. Set aside
  2. Prepare pasta according to directions in a large cooking pot.
  3. In a large cast iron skillet, heat oil, garlic, and onions over medium heat browning until soft about 10 minutes.
  4. Add cornstarch and water, slowly stirring to create a rue.
  5. Add in mushrooms, rice milk, and frozen peas. Turn heat to medium setting and continue sauteing 7-10 minutes adding salt and pepper to taste.
  6. When roasted vegetables are finished add these to skillet and continue sauteing vegetables another 10 minutes.
  7. Add pasta tossing with garlic sauce. Add onion and garlic powder to taste and allow to simmer on low heat 7-10 minutes.
  8. Plate and serve.
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