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Weekend roundup: Strawberry extravaganza

What a weekend! The sun was high and the skies were blue. My daily perusal of recipes found me adding tons of strawberry confections to my Pinterest board. So, like any”crazy chef” I rounded the troops (in this case my cousins) and organized a Strawberry picking extrvaganza at Gro-Moore farms in Rush, NY. It has been ages since I actually went to a farm and picked fresh strawberries, so this was on my summertime “bucket list.” It took some gentle prodding to get one of my cousin’s on board since she is against all things outside, bugs, dirt & sweat! But what is life without going outside of your comfort zone every now and then.

Once we arrived at Gro-Moore and the initial intensity of the hot high sun wore off we picked away and away and away. Of course, those that were the most reluctant to attend the trip were the very ones who seemed to have the most fun!

Surprisingly (or maybe not) our young friends out walked and out-picked the adults!

Excessive summer rain here in upstate NY ruined the majority of the crops.

Keep searching and you will find hidden gems.

See my sister found a luscious strawberry gem.

This friend turned her frown upside down once we assured her that her basket was just as good as everyone else’s.

All smiles despite the intense sun.

Look at that lovely basket.

At only three years old this little guy was the most dedicated & A+mazing strawberry picker of us all!

Good, better, only pick the best.

Time to rest and inspect our hard work.

I think his cool cool sunglasses gave him super powers.

Even lil bit got in on the fun.

Refusing to be outdone I worked doubly hard to fill my larger basket.

Ice cream at Friendly’s to reward all of our hard work.

and a Minted Strawberry Melon Smoothie to cap off a long, hot + fun day.

Courtesy of the brand new book Blend: Artisanal Smoothies for Food Lovers Summer Volume:1

by Faith Gorsky of An Edible Mosaic & Alyssa Brantley of Everyday Maven

(review coming soon)

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