Gluten free product review: Enjoy Life chewy bars


Enjoy Life has introduced another line up of soft baked snack bars: Baked Chewy Bars.  These health bars are a cross between a Kellogg’s Nutrigrain Bar and a Little Debbie Chewy Granola Bar. Like all products from Enjoy Life the chewy bars are grain, dairy, soy, gluten, and wheat free. Similar to their Soft Baked Decadent Bars the chewy bars come in four flavors: Caramel Apple, Cocoa Loco, Mixed Berry, and Sun Butter Crunch. Each bar is less than 150 calories making them a perfect mid morning or late afternoon snack.

As far as taste goes the Sun Butter Crunch is my favorite. It has a nice toasty peanut buttery vibe without being too overwhelming. The chewy bars are not as sweet as the decadent bars and in my opinion fit the bill more as a snack rather than a dessert. When so many processed gluten free products on the market contain a large list of ingredients making them just as bad for you as a candy bar; Enjoy Life has developed a snack bar that uses whole, natural, and organic ingredients. Ingredients I can actually pronounce like evaporated cane juice, raisin juice, and sunflower seed oil.

Overall Enjoy Life’s Chewy Bars were not as tantalizing and delicious as their Soft Baked Decadent Bars however these are a worthy addition to their granola/soft baked/snack bar lineup and can serve as a great healthy treat, simple breakfast, or post workout snack

Rating 3/5

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