Weekend roundup: It’s my party

cookie trayActually it wasn’t my party but I ended up catering for and going to a party this weekend. I pushed through the chilling cold and biting wind and stepped out to a small gathering with friends. It was refreshing. Prior to that I baked two last minute orders in my bakeshop. No wonder I’m feeling worse for wear. But last week was a rough week in more ways than one and getting out was worth the effort. As far as baking goes no matter how bad I feel I never feel like I’m working when I’m baking. My hands, mind, and body move effortlessly and without much thought. I’m on autopilot. Baking for me is soothing, cathartic and allows me to take my mind of my aching body, emotional woes, and focus my energy on something other than myself. How do you release? I hope you found time to do a little something you love this weekend. 🙂

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