Weekend roundup: Cranberry apple applesauce

Cran apple sauce fullDid I ever tell you that cranberries are my favorite fall/wintertime fruit. In season from early fall-December I always stock up on a plethora of fresh cranberries to make a variety cranalicious desserts and treats. Fresh cranberries, dried cranberries, cranberry soda, cranberry juice. You see where I’m going with this? So it comes as no surprise that I have pinned and developed more than a few cranberry recipes. I’ve started out with this delicious Slow Cooked Cran-Apple Sauce. I had so much fun experimenting with jam and jelly flavors this summer that I had to continue my new favorite pastime this winter. Using the slow cooker to make jam is the perfect way to keep the process simple and easy. Plus the combination of  apples + cranberries is always a winning combination in my book. Keep posted for my A+mazing applesauce recipe later in the week.

Cran applesauce II

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