Gluten free product review: Glutino Sandwich Breads

Glutino_Bread_White_Sandwich-250x250It was with a mix of caution, hope, and optimism that I  received my Glutino March product sampling of their renovated and formulated Sandwich Breads. Fellow celiac foodies can attest to the fact that the hardest part about going gluten free is giving up soft baked rolls, hearty french banquettes, and light and airy sandwich breads to make hot and cold sandwiches galor. In fact it took me over a year to enjoy a sandwich after going gluten free.  There are plenty of gluten free breads on the market but to me they are simply not the same. It has been my experience thus far that the current offerings from Udi’s, Schar, Arrow Head  Mills and others come close but are no cigar. Glutino’s newly branded and formulated multi-grain and white sandwich bread promised to give me all that I wanted in a gluten free loaf: a good size, an edible texture, and an awesome taste. My breads arrived at my doorstep in tact and ready to toast, butter, and sandwich build.

Before pulling out the first slice I was struck by the fairly large size of the slices. Most  gluten free sandwich bread is significantly smaller than your standard bread slice which makes it hard to craft hearty sandwiches. Glutino got the memo and built their new breads larger, softer, and more pliable than any pre-packaged gluten free loaf I’ve tried so far. This was the “real” bread that I used to know and I was simply over the moon. Let me tell you I’ve made every sandwich under the sun with this bread; grilled cheese, peanut butter and jam, tuna melts, tuna salad, veggie, and more. I’ve had peanut butter toast, nutella toast, jelly toast and more. I was so excited to have an awesome bread in my life again that I kind of went over board in my sandwich making.

These new sandwich breads are the REAL DEAL and I cannot wait to feature them in the bakery. Leave it to Glutino to give us what we need when we need it. We asked for a comparable bread like we used to know and again they have  delivered.  Three cheers and a hooray!

Rating 5/5

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