Weekend roundup: Joyride

roller coaster Like a roller coaster just about sums up the range of emotions that Blossom and I are going through as we progress through the journey of opening a retail store and bakery. One day we are feeling high on life on cloud nine. Bursting with positive energy more than confident that WE GOT THIS. The next day we are a fistful of tears, nerves, lacking confidence and scared beyond belief. We’ve been told that this is perfectly normal natural even given the magnitude this undertaking. The feeling indescribable.  Surreal to be so close to realizing a dream that up until now was contained in my thoughts and on pieces of paper in a small composition notebook. Whether natural or normal we are in too deep to turn back now and despite the butterflies and nerves we know that we will bring it on home!

Check out our weekend in pictures and stay tuned as we continue to update you on our progress.

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