Weekend roundup: Everything’s Better with Cake

This past week was indeed an emotional roller coaster. Ironically, I hate roller coasters yet I’ve managed to ride the roller coaster that has been this whole bakery endeavor and survive somewhat unscathed. How have I survived you ask? Cake of course. One. Cake. Bowl. At. A. Time (more about cake bowls later). Seriously, my life has become one big cake bowl. One moment we’re happy. The next we are mad. Then sad. Then happy. Wash rinse repeat. Still I wouldn’t trade it for the world and having an awesome, A+mazing, and hilarious partner in crime makes every ounce of blood, sweat, and tear worth it. Check out our week in pictures:

convection oven

Finally! Our “real” commercial bakery convection arrived. But of course our life is a hit reality tv show waiting to be picked up so its delivery was even more of an ordeal than its delay of 5 weeks. We are so happy…we can’t even know what to say.


One more try.

birthday cake

Happy Birthday Everyone!  Who knew July 2 was such a popular day for birthdays. Kicking out cakes like it is our job. (it is, right?:)

birthday cake

More Cake.


And one of our most popular: Flourless Chocolate Cake. Rich. Decadent. #Beautiful

fresh raspberries

Fresh raspberries for a fruit filling for what else: Cake.


I’ll leave you with this. Live life and eat cake.

strawberry cake

Everything is just a bit easier with: CAKE

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