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Gluten Free Product Review: Gooey Chocolate Mint Brownies by Glutino

Being a consummate foodie and home chef I love to cook and bake from scratch using real,  whole, and fresh ingredients. However as a person living with chronic pain I understand that sometimes standing on my feet for an hour (let alone hours) is not in the cards and having easy to assemble baking mixes are a must in my kitchen. Semi-homemade is what they call it these days; that is pre-assembled ingredients combined with baking essentials like eggs, milk, and good fat to create a ready to eat dessert. When I’m in a flare, pressed for time, or just want something sweet without all the hassle I turn Glutino.  For the most part their baking mixes are foolproof.

Just a couple weeks ago I needed a quick dessert for a year end party for which I had a promised dessert. The day came and it was not a good day to say the least but instead of store bought I turned to these  Gooey Chocolate Mint Brownies from Glutino. I had the batter whipped up and my 8×8 pan in the oven in less than 5 minutes. Twenty-five minutes later I had a batch of peppermint mocha styled brownies that were a hit at the party for gluteners and gluten free’ers alike.

Kudos to Glutino for getting yet another quality baking mix right just when I needed it the most.

Rating 4.5/5

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