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Gluten free product review: Glutino Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Chocolate-Chip-Cookies-mixThis month’s Glutino product sampling was of their Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. It’s no secret that when it comes to gluten free convenience Glutino ranks in my top five of gluten free brands so I was super excited to try their cookie mix for the first time especially after the success I had with their Brownie Mix. A combination of tapioca, brown rice, and potato flours this mix combines one of the more common all purpose gluten free  flour combinations. A combination of these starches typically render a baked good that closely resembles the taste, texture, and consistency of wheat flour which is why I opted to go off the beaten path and adapt my mix to adapt a cookie bar recipe (I’ll share later in the week). Overall I feel that the mix was easy to work with and tasted ok as a finished product. However the texture of my cookie bars was  fragile and crumbly which caught me by surprise.  Not bad by any means but not A+mazing either. As with any brand some products in a line are better than others and you will never be blown away by everything you try. Still if you are opting to use mix in place of a scratch chocolate chip cookie recipe I would suggest going with another brand or switching to Glutino’s Brownie Mix instead.

Rating 2.5/5

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