Partnership with the Celiac Disease Resource Center

When I started this blog nearly two and a half years ago I could have never imagined how much it would change the course of my life. My little space in the “blogosphere” where I could share simple gluten/dairy free recipes and my (at the time) novice experiences as a foodie converting to a gluten free lifestyle became so much more. It became a space to to vent. A space to help. As well as a space to heal. A portal that connected me with hundreds of people and organizations all over the world . Organizations and people on a similar mission to educate, inform, and debunk the myths of celiac disease and gluten intolerance. I wanted a blog that made gluten free living simple, easy, and fun.

To this day it is mind boggling to think that there are real people who visit the site daily and read my content. Blogging is such a personal, emotional, and creative experience that it is still surreal to read the positive emails and messages from fans all over the world that benefit from the content posted.

So it should come as no surprise that I was more than honored and thrilled to receive a message from the Celiac Resource Center deeming the blog an “approved website.” 

The Center’s website assists  visitors in connecting with other reputable websites dedicated to celiac disease, gluten-free dietary restrictions, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle support via there Approved Website program.

After reviewing the site they invited the blog to become an official excellent online resource- part of their Approved Website ProgramI happily obliged and added the “badge of honor” to the homepage.

I would not and could not exist without the support of YOU. Your feedback and readership are what make this blog possible. My main mission is to provide the best and most reliable gluten free and celiac related content and continue this gluten free journey together.

celiac resource center logo

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