Living with Fibromyalgia: seasons change (poem)

Recently I ran across a status update from a friend that struck a chord. The post read in part ” “Change comes with seasons so as the seasons change so must we… I wrote the poem which I’m sharing below nearly two years ago entitled: seasons change with a similar theme.

Life is about evolution. Individually we go through a plethora of changes every single day.  Sometimes we fight against these changes and refuse to adapt and accept new realities. Situations change. Relationships change. We change emotionally. We change mentally. We change physically. Change can be good. Change can hurt. Change can heal. No matter what though; change in inevitable.

Weeping like a willow

Monsoon rains
tear stained pillows
hurricane came
clouds dissipate
so it seems strange you no longer seem the same
Is it me I proclaimed 
as my seasons changed
ominous moods came
orange clouds turned grey
then blue as I turned to you
But on this day it pains me to say
maybe you were more fair-weather than true
I’ve come to realize as I look to the sky 
through the storm you were there to pull me through
now my sun shines bright and I turn to the side stunned as I no longer see you
Time always reveals 
which sequoia is real
which will last after the storm has passed
This I confess 
no need to worry or obsess
as I move on no hymns, dirges , or melancholy words to profess
Our journey is now through 
but I’ll never forget you
just reason it’s our season‘s time to change
since it no longer feels the same
Photo credit: Painter Factory

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