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Living with Fibromyalgia|Chapter I: Audio Podcast

I’m kicking off Pain Awareness Month with the audio reading of my first book of poetry Living with Fibromyalgia: A Young Man’s Journey to Peace, Inspiration, and Empowerment Through Poetry and Uplifting Words Volume I. I published this book in 2013 as a way to document my feelings and emotions on living with chronic pain through poetry. In honor of Pain Awareness Month, I wanted to share an audio reading of the entire book just for you.

Today is the audio reading of the Introductory chapter. Listen| LIKE| LOVE| and Share. You can listen right through the blog, soundcloud, or download through Itunes.

You can also click one of the covers below to purchase your very own electronic or hard copy.

Don’t forget to like my Living with Fibromyalgia page to learn more about how you can we a free e-copy of one of the titles below.

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