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Ask The Gluten Free Chef Podcast | Season Finale

So here it is, the Season I Finale of our podcast. I’m elated to share this final episode of the season with you. It has truly been a labor of love and I enjoyed every single minute of recording, listening, and editing.

This finale serves as a preview of sorts to the format of Season II. This is the longest episode to date since I have a co-host: Amber Vesey.

Amber is a friend and fellow food blogger of Eats and Exercise by Amber. She too has celiac disease and a few other chronic health conditions. Our life journey ironically overlaps in multiple ways, so I thought she would make a perfect co-host and interview.

Season II will premiere in early October. Keep a close watch of all the social media channels for more details.

Send your celiac or gluten free questions to and let me know what you think about this new format.

For more information on celiac disease and gluten free living visit

Learn more about Amber on her food blog:


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