Teal Pumpkins & Enjoy Life’s Crunchy Cookie Roundup

Better late than never is the age old adage and I hope you all feel the same way reading this (delayed) post a week after the festivities of the season. I don’t personally celebrate Halloween but was approached by Enjoy Life to sponsor a post about the Teal Pumpkin Project. At its core, the Teal Pumpkin Project is all about diversity and inclusion; two tenets that this blog supports and promotes. Creating awareness for all eaters is what this online community has always been about so I happily obliged. Teal pumpkins happen to promote inclusion for kids that are unable to eat wheat and other foods due to celiac disease and/or other intolerances. Homes that decorated with a Teal Pumpkin indicated that they had celiac friendly treats, prizes, and snacks that included pencils, gadgets, and Enjoy Life’s new line of Crunchy Cookies.

I was elated when I received my super large shipment and immediately began to brainstorm ways that I could share, promote, and raise awareness for celiac disease in my community. So often we celebrate with food which more often than not means that some of us are left out of the festivities because no one thought about wheat, rye, barely, nuts, dairy or the dozens of other allergens that so often permeate processed snacks. In true form, Enjoy Life has expanded their ever increasing snack line up. Enjoy Life’s mission is to create health conscious and mindful snacks for those living with food allergies, intolerance, and autoimmune illness. They’ve done it again with these Crunchy Cookies. They come in four Awesome flavors:

Like all of Enjoy Life’s products, these crunchy cookies are safe for those who are unable to consume the most common food allergens and they taste great. The perfect snack for Teal Pumpkin treating or any other celebration. I was elated to share these individually wrapped delights with faculty, staff, and of course students at the school where I teach. Celebrations should really be about the fun, folks, and festivities and less about food; but it never hurts to have a few healthy and sweet noshes that can be enjoyed by everyone. Check out how I incorporated the Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies in my festive moments this season and be sure to visit them online to snag yourself a box or two.

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