I HATE FIBROMYALGIA | Living with Fibromyalgia

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired

Honestly. Truly. I’m typing this post at the end of a very long. Very blah. Very flare day and I’m glad it’s over. I try really really hard to maintain positivity, pep, fight, zeal, vigor, and might on most days. I muster up and pray for strength and energy to push through the fatigue, the listlessness, the fatigue, and the fog almost every single day. But some mornings (many lately) I wake up at 5:00 AM and I just lie there and say. This SUCKS.


Why do I have to feel this way every single waking hour of every single day?

Why do I have to think about my thinking?

Why do I have to talk myself through simply sitting up in bed?

Why do I have to deliberate on whether I have enough non-existent spoons?

Why do I  have to prioritize what is most important and what can I cancel?

Why do I have to justify laying in bed all day?

Why do I have to Justify pushing myself?

Talking through how I will cancel?

Think about the future financial implications of missing a day of work?

Feel like a failure?

Talk away the guilt?

Question my entire existence?

Try to find the beauty in the pain?

Why do I have to explain to myself that it’s ok to be negative?

It’s ok to sit in the pain for a day?

To wallow is the pity?

Why do I have to question why?

It’s days like today that I hate. I hate this illness. But what I hate even more is its insidious effects on my mental stability, my thought process, and my psyche. It hate that it chips away at my spirit. It gnaws at my soul. It zaps away at my happiness. A vicious never ending cycle of chasing the light. Trying to find beauty in madness. Light in darkness. See the beauty beyond the pain.

Raise your hand and comment if you feel or have felt this way? I promise I won’t judge you if you do. It’s ok to allow yourself to feel the hate. To despise the pain. Allow yourself to not be ok. To articulate that this fibro life is hard. This Fibro life sucks.





We will

Be Ok

You can be in pain yet you can see beauty…

I promise

To Be Continued…


  1. I feel like this most days to be honest. I also try my best to find the strength to push on and stay positive but it is very difficult. When your body is so against doing anything due to the fatigue and pain sometimes you ate forced to give in but it effects your mental state as well as your physical. Your post was very honest and refreshing to read. I hope you manage to have a good, relaxing and somwhat pain free Christmas 😊

  2. You’re not alone!!!
    Yes, I feel like this … which bit? all of it!
    I hate the pain, the endless lack of control over each and every day, the sleepless nights and the exhausted awake days, the lack of mobility and the desperation over losing ME!
    … but, I’m not alone! …and reading other bloggers posts, like yours, at 5am on a dark fatigued morning makes me a better person.
    Why? because each read enforces my belief that I do have understanding & empathy and that I am stronger than I think. Hugs and spoons coming your way for today xxx

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