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Introducing My Gluten Free All-Purpose Baking Flour Blend & Refined Sugar Free Granola

I am thrilled to announce my brand new Artisanal Gluten Free All-Purpose Baking Flour Blend and Refined Sugar & Gluten Free Granola. After years of trial, error, blood, sweat, tears, and many many oven burns I was able to craft gluten and dairy free baked goods that were just as good or (more often than not) better than their gluten free counterparts. Curating a flour blend that mimics the taste, texture, and consistency of traditional wheat flour was no easy task.

I’ve lived gluten free since early 2009 but it wasn’t until 2011 when I lived in Nashville Tennessee in a small one bedroom apartment equipped with nothing more than a stove, a few eggs, cornstarch, sugar, butter and oatmeal that I started to hone my craft of baking gluten free. I was tired of dry, tasteless, and expensive store bought gluten free treats that at the time, left much to be desired. I set out to bake edible and tasty gluten free treats on a dime and with a little luck, sweat, and ingenuity, I was able to bake my first batch of granola styled cookies. Corn bread was next, and then snack cake. Soon my composition recipe book was filled to the brim with gluten free dreams and recipes.  My goal from day one has been to share my journey through celiac disease one recipe at a time.

I’ve been sitting on this announcement for weeks and I’m now finally able to bring these two A+mazing items to the public. Click to learn more about the all-purpose flour blend and granola as well as how you can purchase your very own through our exclusive limited time deal with Groupon.

All – Purpose Baking Flour Blend

Our all purpose baking flour blend is free of the most common food allergens including: gluten, wheat, refined sugar, dairy, soy & tree nuts. It is a celiac safe flour blend that is hand blended in a dedicated gluten free facility.

“This blend is made for people living with celiac disease by a person living with celiac disease”

95% of the dessert recipes published on the blog incorporate this wonderful flour blend. A combination of brown rice and three other gluten free starches; this blend has been curated to mimic the taste, texture, and consistency of the traditional baked goods we all grew up loving.

It works as a cup for cup substitute in most baking recipes and can be used to make cookies, cakes, brownies, quick breads, muffins, pancakes and much much more.  Additionally, our baking flour blend uses high quality non-GMO ingredients.

Refined Sugar Free Granola 

My oat based granola starts with certified gluten free whole oats that is baked to perfection along with coconut sugar and a hint of agave. Toasted coconut, sweet golden raisins and ground cinnamon complete this simple and delicious granola.  Whole, real, clean ingredients are what make granola the healthy snack it is SUPPOSE to be and this artisanal hand blended mix is great for breakfast, as a snack over Greek yogurt, or by itself. Available in one flavor (for now) this simple classic blend is just flavor of an extensive line that is coming very soon.

To order your very own (2lb) canister of my all purpose baking blend, granola, or both click the Groupon link HERE

We ship (for a fee) all across the continental U.S. For questions email : or fill out the contact form below

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