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Happy Four Year Anniversary | The Gluten Free Chef Blog

I still can’t even know what to say. We’ve beat last years’ belated anniversary announcement by five additional days. (Imagine that).

Each year becomes fuller, scarier, bigger, better, more challenging, and more exciting than the year before. This year was no exception. As always, I’ll save a long winded essay or diatribe for later in the week.

I honestly just want to say, Thank You.

Thank you for visiting this small corner of the world wide web. Thank you for reading my words and the words of the talented featured writers that contribute to the site. Thank you for liking. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for loving the gluten free chef blog. Four years long. Four years strong. You haven’t seen the best just yet.

P.S. Read the very first blog post here

P.S…P.S. Expect a slew of best of posts throughout the entire week.


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