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Happy Fifth Year Anniversary | The Gluten Free Blog

Happy Anniversary to The Gluten Free Chef Blog

Dear Readers,

The Gluten Free Chef Blog is officially five years old. Can you believe it! I never imagined all the places this blogging journey would take me when I started typing five years ago in 2012. Originally, this blog was a place for me to vent and share my experiences as a chronically ill celiac foodie and somewhere along the way it became an entire health and wellness community that is so much bigger than me.

As I noted last year, “each year becomes fuller, scarier, bigger, better, more challenging, and more exciting than the year before.” And even though this gluten free journey continues to surprise in more ways than you could every know; I remain committed to this space; the blog that started it all.

Thank You. From the bottom of my heart.

Here’s to five more years of surprises.


the gluten free chef

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P.S…P.S. Expect our annual best of posts throughout the week


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