Weekend roundup: lemon squeeze

Making lemonade from the lemons that this journey called life deal me seems to be the reverberating theme of the moment. That being said, this weekend was an epic fail as I was knee deep in an awful flare that is still consuming me. Ever determined, I was able to catch fleeting moments of productivity and make these sweet and tart confections for today’s weekend roundup post.  Unlike my body, the Lemon Sorbet and Lemon Pudding Cake were nothing short of awesome. Both desserts are A+mazing and the fact that I rose above my “lemon” of a body and made these confections makes their sweet taste all the more satisfying.

What “lemons” did you overcome this past weekend? Hopefully, none and your weekend was nothing but sweet. Recipes for free on Wednesday.

Have a sweet day,

the gluten free chef

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