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From Scratch Pineapple Sherbert

I planned to share this Pineapple Sherbert recipe on Monday since I thought it would be the perfect accompaniment  to your Memorial Day feasts. That clearly fell through.  Fortunately, when it comes to frozen treats and ice cream any day is a good day to make a batch of homemade ice cream. I tastespotted this recipe over at Honest Cooking, pinned it immediately and prepared it for my 540WMain Open House. It was a huge hit and I couldn’t not share it with all if you.

This is more like a super rich sherbet than ice cream . It does contain dairy but I am working on a dairy free and refined sugar free version that I will share soon. In the meantime check out this super simple recipe below.

From Scratch Pineapple Sherbert recipe and photo courtesy of Honest Cooking



  1. In a bowl add heavy cream, half and half and milk and rest of sugar and mix well. Make sure to dissolve the sugar completely. Place in freezer.
  2. In medium sauce bowl cook pineapple with sugar in a medium flame for 30 minute s until pineapple and sugar begin to caramelize.
  3. Once it is cool enough to touch, puree pineapple.
  4. Add cream/ half and half- milk mixture to pineapple puree and pulse until combined.
  5. Pour into an ice cream maker, and freeze overnight

P.S. Ever wonder what’s the difference between sherbert and ice cream? Come back on Friday to find out 🙂



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